Full steam ahead

Thanks to the novel system used in the FlemXpress, the gondolas travel in the stations at a speed of 1 m/s by way of their own eMotion vehicle drive system. This enables autonomous travel. What supplies the energy for this self-propelled system? Kinetic energy is converted into electric energy as the gondola decelerates when entering the station and accelerates when exiting. This energy is ultimately used to operate the gondolas in the station. Additionally, all gondolas are equipped with two batteries that guarantee the completion of each journey. These are charged while the guests enter and exit the gondolas.

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New drive system brings innovation to the mountains

The new Ropetaxi gondola system from Bartholet Maschinenbau AG in Flums enables the cabins to autonomously travel in the station. Despite the absence of tyre conveyors in the stations, the level of safety is the same as in conventional gondola lifts. This also guarantees quieter travel, less maintenance work and a reduced need for wear parts. Separate infrastructure for cabin storage is also no longer needed. The gondolas park in a line in the stations. This eliminates a time and cost factor, namely the daily garaging process. As with conventional gondola lifts, the gondolas move on a cable. Another advantage of the Ropetaxi system is the fact that it is operational throughout the year. FlemXpress is ready for action in spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is possible because the new gondola system is operated on demand. The gondolas are only in motion when there are guests to be transported. As a result, unnecessary energy use is a thing of the past.

Select your destination with the click of a button

Guests can select their desired destination with the click of a button before boarding. The option to select your destination before boarding allows you to have an uninterrupted journey without any stops. The integrated intelligent passenger allocation system with a display points guests to the correct stationary gondola. Guests no longer have to board a moving gondola. This allows them to comfortably and simply board the gondolas in an accessible way. They can do so with luggage, sports equipment, as a family or as someone with limited mobility. Due to the innovative technology used, the gondolas are only on the line when guests are there to be transported. This avoids empty trips and reduces the environmental impact. The use of switching mechanisms makes flexible route combinations possible. From Flims, you can travel to five different stations: Foppa – Startgels – Segnes – Nagens Sura and Cassons. After exiting a gondola, the cabins behind move up autonomously. As a result, there is always a gondola ready to be boarded at the station.