2014: Ils Cugns was
viewed and chosen
as a destination

2014 – 2019:
Development of
different options for
accessing the Tectonic
Arena Sardona World
Heritage Site (routes,
gondola systems, etc.)

2014: Development of
the Y option: Flims-
Foppa-Startgels line
and an aerial tramway
between Startgels and
Ils Cugns

2017: Initial design by
Olgiati: aerial tramway
with a capacity of 250
people; Flims (Stenna-
Tobel)-Nagens, Nagens-
Ils Cugns (later from Foppa)

2020: During the first
wave of the COVID-19
pandemic, the innovative
gondola system Ropetaxi
was conceived
(R. Bartholet and
R. Gurtner)

2021: Projektausarbeitung
inkl. raumplanerische
Grundlagen, Abstimm-
ung über Ortsplanung
in Flims am 13.6.2021
mit 86% JA-Anteil
angenommen (Stimm-
beteiligung 71%)

Dec 2021: ‘Flims2Flums’
event for residents and
those for whom the area
is a second home took
place in Flums

Jan 2022: The relevant
documents for the appli-
cation for a building
permit were submitted
to the Federal Office of
Transport (BAV)

Summer 2022:
Construction of the Flims-
Foppa-Startgels stations
and lines; arenaexpress is in summer operating mode

April – Dec 2023:
Construction of the
Startgels – Segnes –
Nagens Sura –
Ils Cugns stations
and lines

Dec 2023: Opening
of the Flims – Foppa
– Startgels sections
to skiers; the Grau-
berg gondolalift
stays in operation
as a rail link

April – Dec 2024:
Opening of the Segnes
visitor centre

Dec 2024: Opening
of all sections

Layout of the line

Layout of the line

How it works


Select your destination before boarding.


The gondola makes its way onto the line to you.


Board the stationary gondola as soon as the doors open.


The gondola automatically navigates towards your destination.

‘Our basic principle is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. With the Ropetaxi we have created a gondola system that enables highly modern technical developments while ensuring minimal interference with the surrounding nature.’

Reto Gurtner
Chairman of the Board, Weisse Arena Group


FlemXpress is in line with the ‘greenstyle’ sustainability concept implemented by Weisse Arena Group in 2010. The new gondola lift will not only use less energy but will also have significantly lower operating and maintenance costs. That is because the sustainable Ropetaxi system only travels on demand when there are guests who actually want to board. That way, unnecessary empty trips can be avoided.

All safety-related parts and cabins are manufactured in Switzerland.

‘With a conventional gondola lift, around 90% of the cabins travel empty. With FlemXpress, at least one person will be present in the cabin and the gondola goes wherever you want it to. That makes our gondola lift much more sustainable than it has been possible up until now.’

Roland Bartholet
CEO of Bartholet Maschinenbau AG


The gondola lift is operated in a fully automatic and demand-driven way. The Ropetaxi technology which makes this possible was specially developed for this project by the Weisse Arena Group and the company Bartholet Maschinenbau AG. Like with any gondola lift, the gondolas move on a cable throughout the journey. However, in the station, the cabins move autonomously on rails by way of their own drive system. If any gondolas are unoccupied, they will not be on the line. This innovative technology allows guests to comfortably board the stationary cabin with their luggage or sports equipment and thus makes the gondolas accessible to all.

Start the challenge now and collect points.

‘We have made it our goal to place an increased focus on values and improve quality of life. With this new project, we are well on our way to creating an entry point into the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona within the next two years.’

Martin Hug
Mayor of Flims

FlemXpress offers breathtaking landscapes and exciting experiences in an innovative, sustainable and accessible way. The goal was to make the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona accessible to all by way of a visitor-oriented, pioneering flagship project. The Ropetaxi system, a world novelty, transports you directly to your destination regardless of the season. Six different stations are planned. Choose your destination, get on board and discover the area. FlemXpress uses just one system, but offers the highest level of guest comfort, a low environmental impact and reduces energy usage. What more could you want?

No matter who you are, what you do and which destination you wish to get to – with the new, innovative and accessible FlemXpress gondola lift in the destination Flims Laax Falera you can experience nature in your own way.